The Cathedral Pipe Organ

Help us build a beautiful instrument for the Cathedral of SS. Simon and Jude in Phoenix, Arizona

Build Up the Cathedral Organ

The Cathedral Pipe Organ is a beautiful and very complete instrument - however, there are a few “bells and whistles” that can be added to the instrument if generous donors are found.  The costs represented here are for naming the stop and do not represent the real costs of the stop.  Named stops will be noted in large print on the memorial board.  If you are interested in making the Cathedral Organ even more impressive, consider the following options...


$80,000 -
16’ Violone Stop for the Grand Orgue
These large bass pipes in the main division of the Cathedral Organ are up to sixteen feet in height and add a depth of bass to the organ like very few pipes can.  Dedicate this rank of pipes to a loved one who has passed away or for a special occasion like an anniversary or birthday.

$55,000 -
8’ Tuba Harmonique for the Solo division
These powerful reed pipes for the solo division of the organ will offer a second fanfare sound for the Cathedral Organ. 
Dedicate these powerful 73 pipes in memory of a loved one or in honor of an anniversary or special occasion.

$42,000 -
III Cymbale for the Grand Orgue
As a second mixture stop on the main division of the Cathedral Organ, these 183 pipes will sound out joyfully for hymns, preludes, postludes, and other pieces of music of a festive or solemn nature. 

$25,000 —
Organ Chimes in memory of a loved one.
If installed, the Cathedral Organ chime stop will be 25 real chimes inside the organ of the Cathedral.  The chimes will be struck to create a bell-like sound that can be used for melodious music.


$60,000 —
Cymbelstern in Honor of 60 Years of the Loreto Sisters serving our Parish/School.

A Cymbelstern is percussion stop consisting of real bells, usually attached to a star-like structure, that spin to give a constant sound of bells.  The Cymbelstern of the Cathedral Pipe Organ will be mounted on the symbol of the Loreto Sisters of our school and will sit on top of the main organ tower. The symbol is
intended to represent the 5 charisms of Mary Ward, the 5 founding Loreto Sisters of the school, and the founding pastor, Fr. Smith. This stop is used in some Baroque organ literature and will be used liturgically during the Gloria on Holy Thursday and at the Easter Vigil.

The design for the Cymbelstern: